The Church of the Ascension Parish School of Religion (PSR) prepares and receives the following sacraments:

2nd grade: First Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist
8th Grade:  Confirmation
These Sacraments are available to registered students of Ascension's PSR and all Catholic private school students within our parish boundaries.  To receive  Sacraments, the student must be actively attending & participating in a religious education program.  Regular attendance and participation in PSR is an ongoing process.  Students participate in PSR from Kg.-8th Grade.  Participation is expected regardless if it is a sacramental year (2nd & 8th grade.)  At least one parent of each child is required to be present at the parent meetings in preparation for the sacraments.   Children who miss a grade and/or any required work, will  be expected to complete necessary makeup work. We welcome all students, so please do not hesitate to sign up for PSR,